Increase your purchasing power

Use the proceeds from the sale of your existing home to increase the purchase price of your new home with the reverse mortgage.

Keep more cash in reserves

Instead of using all your cash to buy a new home, use the Reverse Mortgage and keep more money in reserves.

No monthly mortgage payments

Payments to the lender are deferred until the last borrower permanently vacates the home.

Eric Rittmeyer is a HECM for Purchased certified expert

Trust the Reverse Mortgage for Purchase Experts

The Reverse Mortgage for Purchase is a very unique loan.  Rest easy knowing your transaction is being handled by the program experts at Fidelis Mortgage.

Find out how much home you can buy

We'd love an opportunity to discuss the Reverse Mortgage for Purchase with you in more detail.  We'll meet with you in person to determine how much home you can afford and walk you through the program from A-Z.

We meet face to face with our reverse mortgage for purchase clients
HECM for Purchase Guide

Want to read more about the Reverse Mortgage for Purchase?

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